Bringing some Freshness to Your car in the New Year

29th December 2020

Car Air Fresheners

Do you run an organisation where staff drive as part of their role? Or do you sell cars, operate a taxi firm, or provide breakdown, auto repair or car valeting services? If so, our wholesale air fresheners will leave a lasting impression on your staff and customers.

Though this year is anything but typical, those days between Christmas and New Year are a time for relaxing, regrouping and making plans. Often this involves preparation for the year ahead, in terms of decluttering, making space, and cleaning and sorting out your car. When your staff or customers return to work in the New Year, bring some freshness to their vehicles. And at the same time draw attention to your brand.

Our car air fresheners can be fully customised to reflect your branding and design aesthetic. The items can be printed with your artwork and message and cut to any shape. We can also match your brand colours. Choose from any Pantone colour or colour mix. The custom air fresheners are then infused with a fragrance of your choice.

Everyone who travels in that car will at first be alerted by one of our crisp fragrances, and then drawn to the custom design and content of the air freshener. Thus, increasing brand awareness. There are several fragrances to choose from including citrus, coconut, vanilla, new car, mint, morning fresh and jasmine.

This article notes that the more of your senses you can access to motivate purchasing decisions, the better. It goes onto explain that our sense of smell is connected to memory, nostalgia and emotion. A recent study conducted by Dr Alan Hirsch set up two identical pairs of trainers in two separate rooms. One room was infused by a floral scent. Overwhelmingly, by a margin of 84%, consumers preferred the trainers in the scented room. Further, consumers estimated the cost of the trainers in the scented room to be on average $10.34 higher than those in the non-scented room.

Numerous studies have shown that ambient scent motivates consumers. Smell affects feelings and feelings motivate purchase decisions.

You won’t be surprised to learn that sight is also a powerful influencer when it comes to buying decisions. Colour, design and message all play an important role. Research suggests that people make a subconscious decision about whether to make a purchase within 90 seconds. So, it is important to grab your audience’s attention with your use of visual aesthetics.

Our wholesale air fresheners are competitively priced and shipping is free of charge for orders over £50. Each car air freshener is individually sealed in a cellophane wrapper and comes pre-strung with a piece of elastic for hanging. You can place an order here.

If you have any queries about design or volume, or would like to place an order, contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 or at

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