5 Ways to Promote Your Business During the Summer

13th May 2024

The sun has finally made its appearance after a very wet and cold winter and to celebrate, here are five ways in which you can use promotional merchandise to promote your business this summer.

1. Align Your Brand with Major Events.

You will already have an in-depth understanding of your customers’ needs, values and interests, so try to identify the major events that are happening this summer that are likely to appeal to your target demographic. The obvious candidates are Euro 2024, Wimbledon and Glastonbury, but there will be many other options, both in your local area and further afield, that your customers will likely attend or tune in to.

By understanding the needs of your target demographic, you can align your brand with your chosen events through the use of promotional merchandise. Euro 2024 flags, banners and bunting are obvious choices, but think carefully – would your customers appreciate a new pair of sunglasses, a water bottle or a drawstring bag when they are out and about this summer?

By choosing products that your customers will actually use, and personalising them with your business’ logo, you not only satisfy your customer’s needs, but turn them into a walking advertisement for your business.

2. Create Summer Window Displays.

If you operate out of a retail premises or have an office in an area of heavy foot traffic, make the most of it by creating an exciting and captivating window display. Entice customers in with the promise of free samples, special offers or loyalty programs.

Select the items for your window display carefully – they need to be bright and eye-catching but also relevant to your business and your target demographic. If you are offering free samples, make sure that they are products that customers will choose to use, such as pens and trolley tokens.

If your business is entirely digital, dress your website’s homepage instead, and create a buzz on social media about your upcoming summer promotions and special offers. You could even include a freebie within the first 100 customer orders, or as an incentive for leaving a review of your business.

3. Sell to Visitors.

Tourists expect to spend money when they are enjoying a day out, and memorabilia that reminds them of a place they visited is something they will hold dear. Identify points of interest within your local area that require a little more effort to access and target your promotional merchandise to address these challenges.

For example, if a local landmark involves a pleasant countryside walk, personalise a map case or travel card holder with your business logo and a map of the area. Alternatively, if a local stately home has a delightful garden but no activities, add your business information to a frisbee. With luck, your customer will be a terrible thrower and the kindly soul that returns it to them will also see your business name!

4. Participate in Local Events.

Embedding yourself in your local community is vital to drum up local business. Whether you have a stall or sponsor an event, there are many ways in which promotional merchandise can help your business to stand out from the crowd.

If you are sponsoring an event, consider supplying branded cocktail sticks, coasters or reusable water bottles with the first drinks purchase that a customer makes.

If you have a stall, you could host a raffle or tombola and issue branded and numbered wristbands to each entrant – they will guard those wristbands with their lives if there is a chance of winning a prize.

5. Host a Summer Celebration.

Whether you choose to celebrate the efforts of your employees and stakeholders, or open the event up to a wider audience, a summer celebration gives you the opportunity to showcase what is great about your business.

Include networking opportunities, demonstrations or talks to captivate your audience, and use badges, coloured lanyards or Tyvek wristbands for access control purposes. Lay on food and drink and some fun activities and encourage your attendees to participate in events and games.

A summer celebration offers you the chance to let your hair down and enjoy your business with the people that make it successful. However you choose to market it, make sure that everybody leaves with a little token of your appreciation.

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