5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Promotional Merchandise

20th July 2015

5 Questions to Ask Before Ordering Promotional Merchandise

We have been supplying promotional merchandise for over 15 years and have worked with numerous businesses and charities in the UK. During that time we have become experts in helping businesses to find the right products for their campaigns.

According to BPMA 94% of recipients of promotional products remember the brand associated with them and over 50% of recipients are motivated to take action as a result of receiving them. In our recent post we talked about the reasons that promotional merchandise is so effective. However, before diving in and ordering your products, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who Are the Products For?

As a starting point, ask yourself who you’re aiming at. Start with age and gender and then work on specific details. Look at occupations, hobbies, likes and interests etc. Then think carefully about the type of products that would work for your target audience. E.g. what would they wear or find useful?

2. What Are the Products For?

There are many reasons to give promotional products. For example, to advertise a new service or product, to say thank you, to increase morale in the workplace etc. Be clear about your purpose and this will inform your decisions at each stage.

3. How Will they be Distributed?

Before you select your merchandise it is important to consider how the items will be distributed. Will they be handed out at an event or conference? Will they be sent by post? It may not be cost effective to order large, heavy items if you then have to pay postage to ship them to their destination.

4. What is the Message?

What are you trying to convey through the merchandise? Is your intention to build awareness of a product or service? Do you want to draw people to a website or hotline number? Or are you trying to increase brand recognition. Your message will impact on everything from colour choices to customisation.

5. How Will You Measure Success?

Before you embark on any new campaign it is important to think about how you will measure whether it was successful or not. This will help with future marketing plans.

If you have a campaign in mind or if you’re looking for specific promotional merchandise, we can help you through the process from initial briefs to production. Contact us now on 01524 230 300 or at sales@lancasterprinting.co.uk.

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