Custom Car Air Fresheners Explained

12th October 2015

Custom Car Air Fresheners

Custom car air fresheners have always been one of our staple products. They are popular throughout the year and particularly in the winter months, due to increased car breakdown services and car repairs.

In some respects car air fresheners are a unique marketing product. Many products work on vision through their colour, design and branding. Others draw on tactile features to encourage touch. The advantage of car air fresheners is that they also trigger the sense of smell. They are infused with a choice of delicious fragrance that will perfume your car and draw attention to the branding and message.

Custom Car Air Fresheners

We are often asked questions about our air fresheners and have put together some useful notes to help you make the most of these unique products.

1. Like most other car air fresheners they are designed to hang freely in your car. Therefore, they should not be inserted into vents or placed against any other heat source or surface. Always read the instructions carefully.

2. Our car air fresheners cost from as little as 19p each, depending on volume. This makes them an attractive and affordable marketing tool. However, they should not be compared to generic retail brands which cost much more to produce, as they are designed to last for longer periods.

Our air fresheners last from between 5 and 10 days after opening. Extra fragrance can be purchased to increase the lifespan. They can last for up to a year in their sealed bags.

3. Our car air fresheners can incorporate your company colours and branding and can be cut to any shape. Each one is strung with elastic and sealed in a cellophane wrapper.

To discuss our custom car air fresheners or any of our promotional products, email or telephone 01524 230 300.

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