Wristbands for Weddings, Hen Parties and Individuals

24th October 2016

The majority of our business comes from companies, charities and other organisations. However, over the last couple of years we’ve noticed a steady increase in orders placed by individuals. This is particularly true for our silicone wristbands and woven bands. Individuals are using them for many different purposes including weddings, fundraising, parties, and we have lots of requests for hen party wristbands.

There are several reasons for this growing trend. Wristbands themselves are hugely popular, especially among young people. And it’s not unusual to see several bands being worn at the same the time. They are also an extremely cost-effective, with prices starting from as little as 8p each, depending on quantities.

Our Process

In addition, we have refined our processes to 4 easy steps to make customisation and ordering as simple as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, customer-focused service and will talk you through the whole process from start to finish. We will even help with your artwork.

The following are a few of the many creative ways individuals are using our bands.

Wristbands for Weddings

Wristbands for Weddings

Wedding wristbands are becoming increasingly popular. Forget sugared almonds, it’s all about the bands. Our custom woven wristbands tend to be the band of choice for happy couples. They make fun favours and provide a poignant memento of the day. The style and colours can be fully customised and we can add your own wording and artwork. With the rise of the festival wedding, this is trend that is set to continue.

Hen Party Wristbands

Custom wristbands are also popular before the wedding ceremony. Bridesmaids and maids of honour are ordering them for hen parties across the UK. And for the bride’s last night of freedom, silicone wristbands are more often than not the favoured option. Glow-in-the-dark bands are particularly popular for pub and club crawls.

Wristbands for Parties

Birthday Party Bands

And, of course, it’s not all about weddings. Our bands are frequently purchased for individual celebrations such as birthday parties. There are lots of styles and colours to choose from; we can match any Pantone colour or colour mix. We can even supply silicone rings, if you’re looking for something a little bit different.


There’s not a week that goes by when one of our friends isn’t involved in a fun run or charity fundraiser of some description. If you know someone giving their time to raise much needed funds for a worthy cause, consider showing your support by ordering some custom wristbands and distributing them to their friends and family. Or better still, ask for a small donation in return for the bands to increase their fundraising target.

Community Groups

Small community groups are also ordering our silicone wristbands. Taking their cue from bigger businesses, they order custom bands to further awareness of their cause and to raise some extra funds.

If you’re thinking about ordering wristbands for a wedding, party or other event, give Carrie a call on 01524 230 300. She will talk you through the whole process and answer any queries. She will even help with your artwork.

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