Promotional Products – What People Think and Whether They Influence our Purchase Decisions

21st October 2015

Promotional Products - The Stats

In 2013 the BPMA carried out a survey into people’s attitudes and perceptions of promotional products. The results show very clearly that free branded gifts can persuade us to change what we buy.

1,000 people were surveyed, 579 men and 421 women. Here are some of the key findings.

  • When asked where they would expect to receive a free branded gift, 81% mentioned exhibitions. Here is the breakdown:

    Exhibitions – 81%
    Hotels – 49%
    Banks – 38%
    Car Dealers – 31%
    Retail Outlets – 28%
    Travel Check-ins – 17%
    Bookmakers – 17%

  • Respondents answered that the best branded gift is ‘a useful novelty item that is relevant and of good quality’. Aesthetics and personalisation were of less importance.
  • When asked whether they had ever changed their regular brand to obtain a free branded gift, 28.7% of people replied yes.
  • 58.9% said they were likely to keep free branded gifts.
  • 69.1% said they would be more likely to use a promotional product in public if it was from a reputable brand.


The full survey can be viewed here.

In another survey carried out by the BPMA respondents were asked to answer questions about the branded items currently on their desks. Here are the results.

Of the 1,244 people surveyed 83% could recall a brand or company featured on one of their promotional products. 76% said that they would keep free branded gifts for themselves and 45% said they would give them to a colleague.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic is that 83% stated that they had made a purchase from one of the companies that supplied them with a promotional product. 96% thought that promotional products increase brand awareness.

So, the results are in. And they clearly indicate that not only do people like receiving free gifts but that they certainly influence their buying decisions. If you’re still not persuaded, check out our top ten reasons to include promotional products in your marketing plan.

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