Promotional Products for Charity Runs, Marathons and Walks

29th June 2015

Promotional Products for Charity Runs

During the summer months we’re contacted by a number of charities ordering promotional products for charity runs, marathons and walks. Online and mobile donation services have made it easier than ever to set up a charity page and collect donations, significantly increasing the number of charity events taking place.

The following is a roundup of some of our most popular promotional products for charity runs, fun runs, marathons, sponsored walks and sports events. All of the products can be customised with your choice of colours, logo, artwork or message.

Custom Promotional Products for Charity Runs

1. Custom keyrings make a great keepsake for participants. They’re one of our ‘everyday’ items, ensuring repeated brand exposure.

2. We provide custom sweatbands for the wrist and the head which are useful during the event and can be used again afterwards.

3. Silicone wristbands are one of our best-selling promotional products for charities. They are great for on the day itself and are often worn after the event to represent the participant’s achievement.

4. Silicone ion watches make a great alternative to silicone wristbands and they have the added benefit of telling the time and emitting negative ions which help with well-being and the body’s overall balance. Watches can be worn after the event at the gym or during training.

5. Our custom drawstring sports bags are useful to carry water and other items. They also make great gym bags.

6. Custom hand waving flags are a great way for organisers to promote their brand or cause and allow audiences to show their support to runners and participants.

7. Silicone finger rings are a fun alternative to silicone wristbands. Like the wristbands they are often worn after the event increasing brand exposure.

8. Custom lanyards are a great way for participants and the public to identify organisers and staff. They can be colour coordinated for easy identification.

9. Snap wristbands are another fun alternative to silicone wristbands. Tap them gently to fit around the wrist. Great for the on the day itself and for after the event.

10. Custom flags are often purchased for charities and sponsors. We provide a number of large sizes, ensuring brand information is prominent.

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