Promotional Merchandise for Colleges and Unis

27th April 2016

We provide a range of promotional merchandise that is popular with colleges and universities.

Promotional Merchandise for Colleges and Universities

1. Printed Silicone Wristbands

Our printed wristbands are frequently ordered for open days and for clearing. Colleges and universities can add their own unique message and branding. For the purposes of clearing this often includes a dedicated telephone number.

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2. Keyrings

Student unions, university shops and college sports clubs stock up on our keyrings each term. They can be customised with college colours and we can add your logo and message.

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3. Fabric Wristbands

In addition to our silicone bands, we also sell a range of fabric wristbands for specific events. They are often used for club nights and gigs.

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4. Water Bottles

Our water bottles are a relatively new item but have proved popular since we introduced them last year. They have been stocked in uni shops and at freshers’ fairs. The bottles can be customised with your artwork and / or logo.

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5. Lanyards

Our lanyards are used by college and university staff to identify themselves to visitors. They can be customised with college logos and messages, and can be colour-coordinated to signify your department. Some establishments use them for visitor passes. Our lanyards are popular prior to open days.

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6. Glow in the Dark Wristbands

Like our printed bands, glow in the dark wristbands can be customised with your colours and branding. They are designed for dimly lit areas such as clubs and night events. Our glow in the dark bands are often purchased by student unions and local student bars and clubs.

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7. Snap Bands

Snap bands curl around the wrist when tapped lightly. They are a fun alternative to our silicone bands. They are purchased by student unions, student bars and clubs.

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8. Tyvek ® Wristbands

Tyvek ® Wristbands are paper bands that cannot be removed without breaking the seal. They are often purchased as an alternative to ticketing for large gigs and events. Each one is sequentially numbered.

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9. Sweatbands

Our sweatbands tend to be purchase by college and university sports clubs. They are available for the head and the wrist. Made from 100% cotton, the bands can be printed or embroidered with your artwork.

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10. Drawstring Bags

Like our sweatbands, our drawstring bags are often ordered by sports clubs. They are also popular in the run-up to Freshers’ Week.

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If you would like to place an order in time for your open days, clearing or freshers’ events, contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 or at

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