Promoting Your Business With Custom Car Flags

13th November 2015

Custom Printed Car Flags

Car flags are often associated with national sporting events like the Olympics or the World Cup. In the run up to those events we certainly see a surge in sales. However, we find that car flags are popular throughout the year and have a number of different uses.

Car Showroom Forecourts

We see a lot of flags displayed on forecourts, from large free standing flags to car flags. The bright colours and creative branding provide a focus and draw the eye. These flags display showroom information or vehicle logos.


Charities are often promoted on car flags, especially relating to specific causes and campaigns. They can be distributed freely or used as a means of raising funds.

Charity Car Flags

Funeral Homes

Plain black car flags or procession flags are used as a mark of respect and to distinguish funeral cars. These are simple, dignified flags.

Funeral Car Flags

Outdoor Events

Car flags are popular at outdoor events such as galas, carnivals and rallies. They are used to display event details or specific information relating to the event.

Custom Car Flags

Sporting Events and Tournaments

As previously mentioned car flags are popular in the run up to large sporting events. Team flags and country flags are purchased in their thousands. In addition, a number of our customers purchase custom England flags. Their logo or message is printed onto the flags and they are distributed to employees and other stakeholders to promote their brand while showing support for their national team.

Customised England Flags

Our car flags can be customised with your choice or branding and artwork. We can also match your brand or team colours. They are ideal for businesses where employees cover a lot of mileage. Car flags are colourful, creative and eye catching and a powerful promotional tool.

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