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3rd October 2014

Organising School Meal Times

As from September 2014 state-funded schools in England have been obliged to offer free school meals to all infants (Reception to Year 2). The benefits of the scheme are numerous. Eating a healthy meal in the middle of the day helps to re-energise the body and helps with concentration and learning. According to the BBC the scheme is expected to save parents £400 a year per child.

An additional 1.55m children are now entitled to a free school meal and the government is expecting an initial 87% uptake. This is likely to have huge implications on organising school lunchtimes.

Over the last few weeks we have provided numerous schools and councils with both plain and custom silicone wristbands to help coordinate lunches. The feedback has been extremely positive and the bands have been a huge hit with kids.

If you feel that wristbands might help your school to organise meal times, give us a call on 01524 230 300.

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