Fundraising Tips and Ideas for Charities

6th May 2015

Charity Fundraising Ideas

A number of our clients are charities and not-for-profits. For many of these organisations donations are their life blood and they are continually looking for new ways to raise awareness and to raise much needed funds. Small charities don’t always have the luxury of working with large marketing agencies and this job falls to their own small team. We’re always interested in the innovative and creative ways these organisations raise funds for their worthy causes.

The following is a round-up of fundraising tips and ideas:

Discover Adventure
Lots of fundraising hints and tips split into themes.

A to Z of fundraising ideas.

Virgin Money
Lots of useful ideas and tips for fundraisers

Run for Charity
Top 100 fundraising ideas, with easiness ratings and fundraising targets.

Advice on planning your event.

Tips and ideas split into themes

Cancer Research
More fund raising ideas split into themes.

Better Fundraising Ideas
Inspiring fundraising ideas, linking through to detailed articles.

Run for Charity
Creative fundraising ideas.

Do it for Charity
Fundraising advice from getting started to legal issues and more.

Which fundraising activities have you been involved in? Please leave your tips and advice in the comments box.

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