Customer Question: What about Images and Artwork?

1st September 2017

Graphic Design

One of the questions we’re often asked by customers is how can they incorporate their logos, images or artwork into our products. The following are our tips and guidelines.

  • Choose your artwork carefully. Ensure it is consistent with your other marketing materials to increase brand awareness.
  • We can match your brand colours using any Pantone colour or colour mix. See our colour guide for more information.
  • Ensure your image is saved at a minimum of 300dpi. Images ‘saved for web’ are not of sufficient quality for print.
  • We can accept the following file types:- JPEG, EPS, PSD, AI and PDF.
  • Artwork files are often large in size which presents a problem when you try to email them. You can send your files quickly and securely through our We Transfer page. This will prevent you clogging up your outbox and receiving an ‘undeliverable’ error message. You will receive a link to our We Transfer page on placing your order.

Another question we’re often asked is about what images to choose. This is tricky to answer as it depends on many different criteria. Our best piece of advice is to think carefully about your purpose and audience. This should always be your first consideration. What are you trying to achieve with the promotional products? What is the purpose of the campaign? How can imagery enhance this? Who are you aiming at?

Your choice of promotional products is also important when it comes to selecting imagery. You need to take account of the size of the printable area. Larger products such as flags or window stickers lend themselves to more complex designs, while smaller items such as wristbands work better with simpler images and icons.

If you’re still unclear about images or if you have a question we haven’t covered, Carrie is happy to help. She can provide advice on the full process from initial ideas to the finished article. Phone her now on 01524 230 300.

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