Custom Car Air Fresheners ā€“ An Effective Promotional Tool

17th November 2014

Custom Car Air Fresheners

Our custom car air fresheners are very popular at this time of year, especially with breakdown and insurance companies. Not only can they represent your business visually (they can be cut to any shape and can incorporate your artwork, logo and message) they have the added benefit of being infused with your choice of fragrance.

The fragrance element has been used creatively by a number of our customers within their marketing. For example, candle companies and home fragrance companies have used air fresheners with their signature scents to provide an introduction to their products. And a whole range of retail companies use seasonal scents such as chocolate at Easter and orange and cinnamon at Christmas to spice up their campaigns.

As many people drive their cars regularly, car air fresheners offer a creative way to convey information repeatedly and to further brand awareness. Header cards can be attached where there is a need to provide additional information and / or bar coding.

Ask our helpful sales team for further information.

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