Charity Wristbands Are Making a Comeback

2nd March 2016

Charity Wristbands

Last week The Guardian wrote about charity wristbands and asked whether they are undergoing a revival. They reported that some charities selling the new Unity Band for World Cancer Day sold out within four days. So far the Unity wristbands have raised £1m for cancer charities and over 300,000 units have been sold.

The article went on to acknowledge that, “Charity wristbands are perhaps one of the most prominent fundraising phenomenons of the last decade, on a par with the Comic Relief red nose of the 80s and 90s.”

The Movember Foundation, established in 2003 and focusing on men’s health, has also sold out of their bands. Harri Murphy, spokeswoman for the charity confirmed that the bands have been a successful trial and that they have been well-received within the community.

Why are charity wristbands so popular? We believe that their popularity lies in their simplicity. Wristbands are a straightforward concept and cost-effective to produce, especially when ordered in volume. Yet for such a small item their bright colours and striking designs make a big impact. As wearable ‘advertisements’ there is a relatively small space in which to get across your message. However, creators are able to make striking statements by use of colour alone in some instances but also through the designs that can be printed or stamped into the bands.

The bands are also associated with festival and surfer culture which has added to their popularity. It is not uncommon to see people wearing several bands in different colours and designs, or for young people to swap them in the playground.

We of course are delighted that wristbands are going through something of a revival, though they have always been one of our staple products and popular with charities and businesses alike. We look forward to seeing new ideas and to working with our clients to create innovative and inspiring bands that will raise funds and awareness of deserving causes.

If you would like to order wristbands for your charity or not for profit contact Carrie now on 01524 230 300 or at

So are charity wristbands making a comeback? As far as we’re concerned, they never went away.

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