Monthly Archive: September 2015

Promotional Products for Autumn and Winter 2015

28th September 2015

Now that autumn is officially here we find that demand for specific promotional products increases. Of course many of our products are non-seasonal and are popular all year round but the following are frequently requested during the autumn and winter… READ MORE

Our Top Tips on Custom Lanyards

23rd September 2015

Lanyards are one of our staple products. They are not a seasonal item and are ordered frequently throughout the year from a wide range of customers. Lanyards have a variety of uses including holding staff ID badges and electronic passes,… READ MORE

Rewarding Excellence

14th September 2015

Now that the new term has started we’re noticing an increase in the number of promotional products purchased to reward excellence in schools. According to The British Psychological Society, ‘students are encouraged to perform better when there is the prospect… READ MORE

Print Marketing is Alive and Kicking

7th September 2015

We’re used to seeing headlines asking whether print marketing is dead. In an increasingly online world where attention spans are decreasing and we consume our information via feeds and timelines, print marketing is often confined to the realms of ‘traditional’… READ MORE

Promotional Products for Freshers Week

1st September 2015

Have you ordered your products for Freshers Week? As well as catering for universities and Students’ Unions, we also provide products for local businesses such as bars, restaurants and take-aways. For Freshers Week 2015 we have a fun range of… READ MORE